brand new album OUT NOW

 Creatures of Convenience

(out on friday October 23, 2020)

"Sing me a song, write me a letter, whatever it takes to make me feel better."

The new album allegedly will sound a bit edgier and less polished than its predecessors. We shall wait and see. The first single, an extremely catchy tune that settles in your mind, already arouses high expectations.Review of our new single Dziggetai on Luminous Dash.

Videoclip Dziggetai selected for the Kismet Virtual Film Festival 2020.

"The quartet from Mechelen, Belgium has been making waves with its mix of catchy pop and sleazy rock since 2013." Announcement of the new album Creatures of Convenience in Belgian newspaper HLN.

"The Hindu Needle Trick releases third album: "No more waiting to release it to the public."" Announcement of the new album Creatures of Convenience in Belgian newspaper Het Nieuwsblad.

NEW ALBUM Creatures of Convenience

After two self-produced albums, The Hindu Needle Trick decided to step it up a notch. Enter producer Jesse Maes (Hypochristmutreefuzz, Sophia) and engineer Bert Vliegen (Teen Creeps, Sophia), who did a fine job at highlighting all of The Hindu Needle Trick’s strengths: 8 songs featuring catchy choruses, razor-sharp guitars and warm grooves.

releases October 23, 2020

due to covid-19... back on track soon.

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